Marketing in Newfoundland

Since the introduction of the internet and marketing strategies had to change in order to cater to the different way in which people were starting to do business, strategies have become similar for remote businesses and businesses in a busy city as they all share the same worldwide web. Marketing in Newfoundland therefore became similar to marketing in Toronto or any other major city in Canada or elsewhere. Even though Newfoundland is more rural than most places, even they have their own digital marketing experts who can assist them with creating a website, maintaining a website and many other marketing strategies. Those experts are Reddory who although a business in the tourism industry, through necessity during the early years of the internet, learned online marketing strategies and today are available to help other Newfoundland businesses or any other business that may ask them in most, if not all, their digital marketing needs. As web designers and website developers, this business knows about SEO which is Search Engine Optimization, a set of strategies designed to help websites get visibility among the ever increasing number of websites that are on the internet today. One of the main SEO strategies used is the use of keywords which, when strategically placed in articles or other content on a website, make that website more noticeable to the search engines which then place the website at the top of their list of results when relevant searches are requested. Another popular SEO strategy is back linking and this is where a link to one website is placed on another website, encouraging visitors to the host website, to also visit the linked website. Although both of these strategies can be very successful they will mean nothing if the website visitors are shown are boring, ugly or totally irrelevant to what they may be looking for. It is therefore for that reason as well as them knowing SEO, why many businesses hire a website designer or developer to create and maintain their website for them instead of doing it on their own which, with all the software available today, they could easily do. Although there are already many businesses that hire website developers to initially create their websites, perhaps too few of them keep those website designers on contract. In today’s competitive business world, it I s not enough for a business to create a good website and then just leave it hoping it will always be effective in bringing in new clients. For a website to continue to be effective it must be updated with new material on a regular basis and this does not mean just changing any special offers or altering the prices, the site needs to have its content changed regularly to ensure that it does not become boring to repeat visitors. It is the repeat visitors to websites that account for more than 50% of the current online business and so they are a large asset, one that no business can afford to lose.